Daniel McGinn - Sergeant-at-Arms

Daniel McGinn serves as the Sergeant-at-Arms and is a six year veteran of the police department. He is currently assigned to the Patrol Section as a Patrol Officer.

The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order at all meetings. He shall determine before any meeting is called to order that all persons present have the right to attend, and if any person is found to be present that has not such right, shall eject him before the meeting commences. He shall likewise determine whether persons seeking admittance later have the right to attend and shall refuse admittance to anyone not entitled thereto. He shall during all meetings keep a position near the entrance to the meeting room. He shall carry out all directions of the presiding officer and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President or the Executive Committee or as may devolve him by virtue of his office or of these By-Laws.